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Solid Spark

Electronic DJ/Producer

Ever since making a debut on the music scene in early 2021, Solid Spark has showcased exceptional commitment and resilience in pursuing his passion for music.. Solid Spark has been consistently progressing with a release schedule for original productions like ‘Dream' and ‘Legacy’. With its foundation in the vibrant New York Club Scene, Solid Spark has built a reputation while showcasing its talent at numerous venues in the city. Amidst its live performances, Solid Spark is actively preparing for the launch of its second album titled “Legacy”, scheduled for release in the summer of 2024.






Solid Spark's track "Lightning" is a high-energy banger that is sure to electrify any dance floor. With its pulsating beats and infectious melodies, this track showcases Solid Spark's undeniable talent and innovative sound

- EDM Sauce

really unique use of vocal chopping to create the melodies and it worked so nicely with the futuristic melodic house production on 'Dream'.

Adding this to our house playlist

- ThisSongIsSick

The Summer Club, Creatures Selina, Her Name Was Carmen, Make Believe,  Virgo,  Short Stories,  Terminal 5,  The Myth, Sincerely Ophelia,  Eris Evolution,  9Jones,  Two Doors Down,  Lume Studios,  XPizza, EVOL,  Silo, Memory Motel, 

Hotel Chantelle, Wandering Barman,  Althea Rooftop,  Elsie Rooftop, Creatures of All Kind

Notable Performances:

  • Opening Support for Alexandra Richards at Memory Motel NYC

  • Opening Support for Dritto at Electronica NYC Yacht Party 6/21

  • Opening Support for Invida and Lolo Mayhew at The Summer Club 5/17