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Team Spark

Welcome!! Solid Spark is currently seeking dynamic individuals to join our team as brand ambassadors and contribute to the expansion of our mission throughout the vibrant city of New York.

We are on the lookout for individuals who possess not only talent but also excellent communication skills. If you are passionate about nightlife and have an absolute love for electronic dance music, we want you to be a part of our exciting journey.

Join us as we continue to make waves in the electronic music scene and bring the energy of Solid Spark to new heights across the thriving nightlife of New York City.

Your Role! 

  • Interactive Promotion: Engage with the community both online and offline to promote Solid Spark actively. Utilize social media platforms to share our events, music releases, and mission. Create buzz and excitement by interacting with stories, posts, followers and potential fans!

  • Guerrilla Marketing: Take to the streets and popular nightlife spots by distributing promotional materials, such as stickers, flyers, and posters. Be the face of Solid Spark in high-traffic areas, bars, and clubs, ensuring that our brand is visible and memorable (yes stickers can go in the bathrooms, thats where everyone will see them!) This hands-on approach will contribute to creating a strong presence for Solid Spark in the city.

  • Event Attendance and Coverage:  Attend events and document the experience through photos and videos. Share these captivating moments on social media platforms, tagging @solidspark, providing followers with a firsthand look at the excitement and energy of our events. Your attendance and coverage will help build anticipation for upcoming future shows! (we appreciate this the most)

What you recieve:

Team Spark Ambassadors will receive a curated kit comprising five essential items to represent our brand with style and enthusiasm. This exclusive package includes:

  1. Branded Tote Bag: Ambassadors will be outfitted with a sleek and stylish branded tote bag or backpack designed not only for practicality but also as a fashion statement. This bag serves as a mobile billboard, proudly displaying the Solid Spark icon and catching the eye of onlookers as ambassadors navigate through the city. It's not just a bag; it's a symbol of your commitment to our mission.

  2. Ambassador Card: Each ambassador will be presented with a personalized Ambassador Card. This card not only signifies their official role but also serves as a key to unlock special opportunities around New York City*. Carry it with pride and use it to showcase your affiliation with one of the most exciting electronic music movements in the city.

  3. Solid Spark Hat: To complete the look and shield ambassadors from the elements, we provide a high-quality hat. This stylish accessory not only protects against the sun or rain but also adds a touch of flair to the ambassador's ensemble. Emblazoned with the iconic Solid Spark logo, the hat is a fashionable and functional element that enhances the overall brand representation. (photo above)

  4. Promotional Materials: Ambassadors will receive a supply of promotional materials, including stickers, flyers, and posters, to strategically distribute throughout the city. These materials are the ambassadors' tools for guerrilla marketing, helping to amplify the Solid Spark presence in popular nightlife spots, music venues, and community hubs.

  5. Secret personalized thank you item.

This thoughtfully curated ambassador kit not only equips our representatives with the essentials but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging within the Solid Spark community. Together, as ambassadors, let's showcase our passion for electronic dance music and make waves throughout New York City!

Ambassador Levels

Blurry Figure


Spark Initiator

Initiators are the enthusiastic individuals who have recently joined the program, ready to ignite the spark and make their initial impact in promoting Solid Spark within their communities.

DJ playing at a music event


Spark Luminary

This title reflects a heightened level of visibility and influence within the ambassador community, signifying their dedication to illuminating Solid Spark across various platforms.

DJ Stand


Spark Maven

Ambassadors at this level have demonstrated exceptional commitment, leadership, and impact. They are recognized as mavens in the electronic music scene, playing a significant role in amplifying Solid Spark's presence and influence.

Meet The Team

Solid Spark
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Angel Ryan
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Spencer Katz


Olivia Walker

Dan Mitchell

Noah Patterson

Tess Anderson



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